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The Eye Exams Waterloo Depends on for Eye Health

Dr. Linda Daniar offers annual eye exams in Waterloo, along with consultations for those who think they might be good candidates for laser eye surgery. Whether you’re 8 or 80, come in and let our office of friendly eye professionals serve you.

Annual Eye Exams

Dr. Linda Daniar recommends that her patients schedule an eye exam every year for optimal eye health. Don’t wait until your eyes hurt or you notice a change in your vision! Some serious eye issues have no symptoms. Also, it’s important to understand that a vision screening – the one during which you read the eye chart – is not the same thing as an eye exam. During your eye exam, Dr. Linda Daniar will not only check your vision, but she also will assess your colour vision, eye pressure and retinal health.

Consultations for Laser Surgery

Laser eye surgery, or refractive surgery, can correct certain vision problems permanently, so that you no longer need to wear glasses or contacts. (LASIK is one well-known type of refractive surgery.) If you’re tempted by the prospect of waking up in the morning and being able to see your alarm clock without putting on your glasses, talk to Dr. Linda Daniar about whether refractive surgery might work for you. Schedule a consultation today.

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